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USF Culture of Innovation Sparks Global Recognition from Times Higher Ed I USF News

The University of South Florida continues to make tremendous strides in advancing technologies that meet global demand – now ranking #1 among US public universities for its commitment to industry, innovation, and infrastructure – one of 17 Sustainable Development Goalswhich were created to forge a global partnership among all countries to create a common vision to address the world’s greatest challenges.

The recently released Times Higher Ed Impact ranking places USF among the top in the United States for its sustainability, also leading its efforts to end poverty, protect the oceans, and strengthen partnerships around the world. These initiatives align with the university’s new strategic plan, continuing to build on its commitment to solving consequential global issues and addressing Florida’s most important challenges.

“We are honored to be recognized in the Times Higher Ed Impact ranking, especially since it reflects the commitment to generating knowledge, developing values, changing behaviors and initiating practices that contribute to a sustainable environment,” said USF President Rhea Law. “Our community of talented and dedicated scholars embodies both the innovative, globally-minded spirit and drive needed to create a better, more sustainable future for all.”


As a metropolitan research university with a culture of innovation, USF serves as a vital catalyst for the social and economic ecosystem, creating extraordinary opportunities for the Tampa Bay area and the State of Florida. USF’s research, clinical, marketing, and workforce development activities stimulate employment in high-wage occupations in the region and state, in turn creating an environment that attracts new businesses and a growing pool of highly skilled professionals to enhance a diverse economy. This mission is embodied in the creation of a new, state-of-the-art research building, which opened in March, providing a space that connects researchers, industry leaders, entrepreneurs and students.

USF researchers and inventors continue to be among the most prolific producers of U.S. patents, helping address challenges in sanitation infrastructure, cybersecurity, and medical technology. Just last year, USF students created a new device that solves the global ventilator shortage, inventors developed new technology that safely reuses face masks, and a new AI system was launched to identify emerging infectious diseases.

life under water

The USF College of Marine Sciences has proven to be a leader in responding quickly to some of the most pressing threats to our marine ecosystem, making it #2 in impact rankings. USF’s location along Florida’s Gulf Coast provides the ideal position to provide cutting-edge evidence-based solutions to address a growing number of environmental challenges facing contemporary society, including mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Over the past year, researchers have helped analyze the impacts of a local fertilizer processing plant and piloted a new approach to mapping shallow coastal areas – those most vulnerable to coastal change and storms, but the most difficult to study.

USF also reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable use and conservation of the oceans in the proposed new Center of Excellence in Environmental and Oceanographic Sciences at the St. Petersburg campus.

no poverty

USF has distinguished itself as a top performer in supporting social mobility through critical measures focused on affordable access, timely graduation, and closing education gaps. completion by race and income. Times Higher Ed recognized USF’s approach and ranked the university #4 for its efforts to eradicate poverty in the United States. a task force to improve success for Latino students, a mentorship program to improve outcomes for male students, and a database for transfer students.

USF has a history of student success and continues to provide students with access and opportunities to excel in their academic careers and beyond.

Partnerships for Goals

Intentional engagement with the public and private sectors is a fundamental aspect of USF’s role as a research university. Partnerships across sectors and industries improve the quality of research, teaching and services, provide meaningful experience and skills to students, and prepare them to enter the job market or pursue higher education. They also foster collaborations between USF units and strengthen the university’s relationships with its external stakeholders by providing a platform that enables faculty and students to engage in mutually beneficial service with community partners to find solutions to pressing issues. The Times Higher Ed Impact Rankings recognizes USF as 14th in the United States for using partnerships to address challenges facing society on campus, in the local community, and beyond.

Through partnerships, USF has launched a fintech acceleratorhas supported programs to help Tampa residents pursue careers in the environment and bring clinical services to vulnerable communities.

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