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Today’s Top 5 from Purdue University

You’ll want to read those good stories you might have missed.

Purdue University and Duke Energy will host the first monthly installment of the “Understanding the Nuclear Power of Tomorrow” lecture series from 4-5 p.m. ET on Tuesday, August 30 at Fowler Hall at the Stewart Center.

Media contact: Tim Doty, [email protected]

Purdue Global, Purdue University’s online education solution for working adults, will be the title sponsor of the Boilermaker 2022 football season, which begins September 1.

Media contact: Tom Schott, [email protected]

Purdue’s strength in advanced aerospace technologies, energy materials, semiconductors and hypersonic research speaks to the university’s future in US national security and shows why US Undersecretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks and his advisers visited the campus on August 18. on a tour of critical research facilities.

Media contact: Brian Huchel, [email protected]

Indiana University and Purdue University have taken the first steps in a bold new vision for higher education in Indianapolis, designed to increase the number of job-ready graduates in an innovation-driven economy , fuel economic growth in the region and state, and improve service to the community of Indianapolis and beyond.

Media contact: Tim Doty, [email protected]

Like breaking a baseball glove, massive impacts change the structure of planets and moons, increasing their porosity. Purdue planetary scientists are studying these changes to predict where future missions might find water or even life.

Media contactEmail: Brittany Steff, [email protected]

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