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The Spanish Embassy is organizing a meeting with the “Tahina Can” university mission as part of the study program in Egypt

CAIRO – September 8, 2021: Members of the Spanish academic mission “Tahina Can” plan to visit the Spanish Embassy in Cairo on September 9, as part of their course program in Egypt, which is taking place from September 2 to 13.

According to a statement released on Wednesday by the Spanish Embassy in Cairo, the current session will be titled “Egypt 2021: in the footsteps of Herodotus”. It includes a visit to the monuments of Cairo, in particular Naguib Mahfouz Avenue, and the monuments of Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Esna, Luxor, the Western Desert, Saqqarah, of Dahchour, of Meidoum, of Fayoum, of Jebel El-Mudawara, of Wadi El-Hitan and the Saint-Catherine monastery.

The mission is organizing several activities, including a program of discussions and seminars on issues related to the current situation in Egypt. They will also interview media professionals and prepare media reports.

The main objective of the project is to train 40 Spanish university students, from different academic backgrounds, in aspects such as effort, teamwork, cooperation, cultural interaction, solidarity and entrepreneurship.

The “Tahina Can” program integrates tourism and adventure, in an educational project, coordinated by a group of travel journalism experts.

In addition, the courses of the mission program “Tahina Can” are held annually and include visits to various countries of the world and a study of the cultural and media context of the country they are visiting.

In previous sessions of the program, students have visited countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Tropical Amazon, Chile, Morocco, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Colombia.

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