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The Magic of Autumn – The Cavalier Daily

I swear, there comes a day every year when you wake up and suddenly it feels like fall. It might be the brown-tinged leaves swirling across the sky just to be bitten by the shuffling feet of university students, or it might be the lingering smell of apple cider that wafts from the local farmer’s market on Saturdays — or maybe being is simply the way the sun rises and blankets Charlottesville in a warm blanket of orange hues. Regardless of what it is or how it happens, the welcoming embrace of autumn is as comforting as the sounds of laughter on the streets drenched in the last few weeks before the whispering, cold tendrils of the wind from the fall freeze in the icy grip of winter.

My fondest memories go back to past autumns. Nostalgia flows like sweet, fresh jam and honey from my memories – high school reunion moments, Friday night football games, trips to the local farm with my friends, trying new recipes, starting new ones. relationships, pep contests and diving under the covers while watching horror movies only scratch the surface of the memories that make my soul happy.

Most people associate summer with serotonin – the smell of salt in the air and the waves crashing on the beach, the late-night drives with the windows rolled down and the music blaring, the days spent lounging in the sun with a book in hand. As someone born in Florida, I’m expected to feel the same – and make no mistake, I do. However, the sun and the heat do nothing to outweigh the dusk and the smoky bonfires, snuggling up for warmth while contemplating life with your friends and laughing at all that has happened and whatever will happen.

Then I had my first fall away from home and everything changed. There were no more farm visits, baking, bonfires, or homecomings, but instead unfathomable amounts of walking, mid-runs, labs — though there were still Halloween costumes, but with a college twist – new friendships and Saturday games. I realized, however, that the stability of autumn as a season throughout life’s change is the magic of fall – aside from the messy, uneven pumpkin carvings and apple pies that fill your whole body with an indescribable warmth, autumn is constant – even through all the stressful moments of change that you can personally endure.

The world around you is constantly changing, a whirlwind that regularly threatens to sweep you away with it. Fall, however, will always be the same. The leaves will always change hue and descend from the branches to the roots, the temperatures will always calm down gently to a slight chill, and Starbucks will always reintroduce its infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Kidding aside PSL, I mean the fall season will always be there to catch you when you “fall”. As the leaves change color, we are meant to change with them. When life starts to weigh you down, I can say from experience that the notion of another incredible and predictable fall season filled with heartwarming moments of smiles and laughter is the only pick-up needed.

Some of the hardest times in my life have to do with the fall season – breakups, mental illness, adjusting to college life last year or even just trying – and failing – to catch up. school delay. However, in hindsight, the sharp edges of those painful memories seem dull. The experiences brought on by these falls – sleepovers, coming home, football games, Halloween, and exposure to new activities and environments – cast a shadow over the issues I faced and replaced them with feelings of pure joy. What I’m trying to say is that the season has always reminded me that even in the midst of hardship, there is so much to love, cherish and be grateful for every day, every moment.

Autumn reminds us how beautiful life can be and how the beginning – or end – of a season of life doesn’t have to be scary or painful – it’s a sweet hug and sweet words of love. encouragement whispered when we need it most.

There comes a day every year when you wake up and suddenly it feels like fall – and that day is coming. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to its arrival and what might be the best fall yet.

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