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President Johnson joins council to support innovation and entrepreneurship

Ohio State University President Kristina M. Johnson will co-chair a new council to help the United States remain the “world’s premier start-up nation.”

Last month, US Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo announced the appointment of 32 leaders and experts to the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NACI).

NACIE is charged with developing a national entrepreneurship strategy to build America’s ability to compete and win as the world’s top startup nation and as a global innovation leader in critical emerging technologies. .

“We need to invest more in our entrepreneurs and innovators so that America continues to lead the world in the discovery and commercialization of critical technologies. At the same time, we need to better ensure that more communities across the country are included in the ecosystems that will generate these essential innovations. The Biden administration looks forward to harnessing the expertise of new NACIE members to build a better America and further strengthen our competitiveness on the global stage,” Raimondo said. “I commend these individuals – leaders in their respective fields of industry, workforce development, academia, technology and innovation – for their commitment to serve.”

“The United States has some of the world’s greatest creative minds and unlimited resources, but ranking as the most innovative country has eluded us. The higher education sector, long recognized as one of our nation’s most important assets, has a critical role to play in securing our rightful position as a leading global innovator,” Johnson said. “At Ohio State, we have always appreciated the power and importance of the innovation economy, spending $1.24 billion on research in 2022 alone as part of a ambitious plan to double spending over the next decade. As a member of the advisory board, I am proud to share this commitment and put what we have learned to work to create new opportunities for the next generation of STEM experts.

Johnson joins Revolution CEO and former AOL founder Steve Case as voting nonfederal co-chairs. Board members come from higher education, the technology industry and the venture capital community.

The council will work to identify and recommend solutions to boost the innovation economy, including developing a skilled STEM workforce and removing barriers for entrepreneurs bringing innovative technologies to market. . The council also facilitates federal dialogue with the innovation, entrepreneurship and workforce development communities.

“The technological, societal and economic challenges we face as a nation today require even stronger bridges between discovery, innovation and commercialization,” said National Science Foundation Director Sethuraman Panchanathan, who will be ex officio federal co-chair. “I am excited to work with NACIE to help advance the highly integrated research and innovation ecosystem, with a particular focus on expanding the geography of innovation by engaging with diverse communities across the country.

The Ohio State Enterprise for Research, Innovation, and Knowledge is an example of a university, government, and industry supporting startups that drive innovation. University research spending for fiscal year 2021 was $1.236 billion. Since fiscal 2017, 75 startups have been formed from technology developed at Ohio State Technology.

“As a land-grant research university, it is our responsibility to translate our findings and knowledge for the greater good,” said Grace Wang, executive vice president of research, innovation and acquaintances at Ohio State. “President Johnson’s leadership and unique experiences will help amplify the essential role of higher education institutions in our innovation economy and inform a national conversation about how we can cultivate and grow entrepreneurship and deepen the cross-sectoral partnerships.”

NACIE is a federal advisory committee managed by the US Economic Development Administration Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Over 260 applications were received. Members will serve two-year terms.

The full list of board members is posted on the NACIE website.

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