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On September 30, Frank Dixon, chief of the Strategic and Informatics Systems Department of the Dahlgren Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWCDD), hosted a visit from a distinguished group of faculty members from George Mason University (GMU ). Dr. Andre Marshall, GMU’s Vice President for Research, Innovation and Economic Development, led the GMU team.

Dixon, as the NSWCDD Champion for the GMU, led a series of discussions focused on topics of interest where GMU and NSWCDD expertise can be leveraged to generate mutually beneficial technical collaborations.

Dixon kicked off the event by providing an overview of the NSWCDD’s mission, vision and organizational structure, and highlighted the national security relevance of many important programs currently being carried out at the NSWCDD. Chief Technology Officer, Jennifer Clift, provided an overview of the many science and technology programs as well as business opportunities at NSWCDD. Melissa Smith, deputy department head of the Department of Warfare Analysis and Numerical Modeling, spoke about the NSWCDD’s “Dahlgren Proving Ground” initiative.

Steven Canup, Distinguished Scientist for Combat Systems Cybersecurity, Ann Ruchty, Cyber ​​Technology and Software Systems Division Chief, and Dr. Jeffrey Solka, Distinguished Scientist for Naval Data Science, highlighted NSWCDD’s past, present, and future initiatives in the areas of cyber warfare, software engineering and intelligent automation

The event also included a visit to the hypersonic research and test laboratories of the Department of Integrated Engagement Systems and Ultra-Fast Pulse Lasers. NSWCDD staff Shaun Alberts, Andre Foster, Michael Libeau and Daniel Wise conducted demonstrations and tours of the labs.

The event concluded with a wrap-up session led by Dixon to delineate areas of focus and delineate future actions. Dr. Pearl Rayms-Keller, event organizer and chief scientist of the Department of Strategic and Computing Systems, is currently leading the future actions.

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