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North Park University’s mission based on faith and purpose

CHICAGO, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As higher education institutions around the world shift from in-person campus communities to online campus communities, what’s critical at the core is their mission. For North Park University (North Park), the mission is to prepare students for lives of meaning and service.

Distance learning, virtual beginning, remote workforce – these sweeping changes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic can challenge a campus to maintain its sense of community. To North Park, however, a nearly 130-year-old Christian mission in higher education unites the campus community, even when its members are apart. Every decision, reflecting an ability to adapt to change and innovate for the future, is based on the fulfillment and projection of this mission.

“Our mission and our identity are more important than ever – to our students and our world,” said Mary K. SurridgePresident, North Park University.

As a faith-based institution, says Surridge Christian higher education is a dynamic and relevant option for students to deal with new realities, form their thinking and prepare to act. “North Park The Christ-centered environment, urban location, and cross-cultural student community are there to educate, mentor, and help students discover truth,” Surridge said.

Preparing students to serve and influence in areas that address new global challenges aligns with its mission. “We have the profound opportunity to model a Kingdom vision and we need to be a leader,” Surridge said.

While the global public health crisis presents a variety of uncertainties, the University is united, united to its deep mission. As guardians of his mission, North Park makes plans to protect the institution and its future.

North Park mission serves as a reminder to help students in times of crisis and to help faculty and staff adopt an innovative mindset. “Protecting the institution does not mean keeping everything as it was – it means focusing on our core strengths and doing whatever is necessary to support our mission during what we know will be a time of challenges and uncertainty. “Surridge said.

Adapting to new realities is part of North Park plan. For the good of the students and the University, “we are building with creativity, hope and vision,” Surridge said.


North Park University is an intercultural and Christian university centered in the city of Chicago.


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