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New spare parts store sells ‘supreme limited edition’ clothing and sneakers in Geneva – Shaw Local

GENEVA – The Dawg House, 206 Commons Drive, Geneva Commons, offers vintage clothing, streetwear and sneakers, but it’s not your usual retail store.

Owners Jonathan Erceg, who graduated from Batavia High School in 2017, and Tyler Hintz can explain.

The Dawg House is selling “supreme limited edition” apparel and sneakers for more than they were originally selling for through other retailers, Erceg said.

For the uninitiated, that means the store carries specialty clothing lines of the type that, once sold out, disappear.

These would be items sold through a few online stores, Erceg said, where there were only perhaps 200 available.

Like KAWS X t-shirts, with characters created by a New York artist.

A KAWS shirt would sell for $60 to $80 in their store — but don’t get too excited — because they’re now sold out, Erceg said.

The store’s vintage clothing ranges from the 1980s to the early 2000s, and while some items are second-hand, others are new, never worn with the tags still in place, Erceg said.

Erceg and Hintz know how to access unsold specialty items and resell them above retail price.

It’s true: More than retail.

The store largely practices supply and demand economics.

If an item is available everywhere, the price takes this into account.

But if an item is a sought-after limited edition, the price goes up.

“If a shirt costs $45, we will sell it for $75,” Erceg said. “The same with sneakers.”

In short, The Dawg House is not the store for bargain hunters.

It’s a store for fashion enthusiasts looking for limited-edition clothing and sneakers that aren’t available anywhere else.

As for sneakers, although the store is not associated with Nike, it would resell a special type of Nike, such as a pair of Jordans that would retail for $190.

Limited edition specialist trainers in stock at The Dawg House, 206 Commons Drive, a new store that has opened in the Geneva Commons.

“The aftermarket range is $250 to $600 depending on the shoe,” Erceg said.

“We are an aftermarket store,” Erceg said. “I started watching people on YouTube on how to resell. That’s how I started when I was in high school.”

Erceg started by buying a pair of Nike Air Adapt shoes.

“They are self-lacing. You put your foot in it and it laces it up for you,” Erceg said. “I bought them to resell them. The retail price was $798 and I resold them for $1800.

Erceg was a 15-year-old high school student at the time.

High school?

It’s true. Erceg is 23 years old and has just completed his last year at Aurora University in Business Administration.

Her partner, Hintz, 22, graduated in 2018 from Riverside-Brookfield High School. He studied business at university for two years.

And coincidentally, Hintz, who lives in North Riverside, had done the same as Erceg, buying specialty items at retail and reselling them at aftermarket prices for a profit.

“How we met – we both worked at a sportswear store in 2019,” Hintz said. “I was his manager.”

They discovered, independently of each other, that they had been selling aftermarket items for about five years.

And thanks to their shared interest and talent in aftermarket retail, they now have The Dawg House.

As for how the finagle pair these specialty items is a secret: nothing to say.

“We get it through contacts,” Erceg said. “It’s like a secret recipe.”

Their stock changes daily and is posted on their @thedawgpound708 Instagram account.

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