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Jamshedpur: Students from Kazi Nazrul University on industrial visit as part of CSIR’s Integrated Skills Training Initiative

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Jamshedpur: Jamshedpur has been implementing the CSIR Integrated Skills Initiative since 2017. The objectives of this initiative are to use the knowledge base and infrastructure of CSIR to organize training programs in various categories including industrial, professional and societal . These programs were designed to contribute to the national skills mission and also to promote entrepreneurship through skills and training.

A two-day industrial tour has been scheduled for students of Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol by CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur on 19-20 April under the “CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative” program of the Government of India. The purpose of this visit was to familiarize students with the state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure of CSIR-NML and the different categories of professional training provided by CSIR-NML.

This two-day visit was to enhance their perspective on the industry and encourage them to make research a career choice so that they can contribute to the nation through metallurgical innovations. The purpose of this visit was to give an overview of the different types of collaborative research taking place in the main research divisions of CSIR-NML. The divisions they will visit include the Metals Mining and Recycling Division (MER), the Advanced Materials and Processes Division (AMP), the Analytical and Applied Chemistry Division (AAC) and the Chemical Processing Division. minerals (MNP).

The inaugural session of this program took place on Tuesday 19 April. A film was screened to highlight the glorious journey of the CSIR-NML since its creation in 1950.

The welcome address was delivered by Dr S Sivaprasad, Chief Scientist and Head of HRG, CSIR-NML. He welcomed the students and spoke about the organizational structure of CSIR-NML highlighting the main research divisions and support divisions. He gave an idea of ​​the various research activities that were typically carried out in the areas of corrosion science, materials characterization, advanced materials, and non-destructive testing and evaluation. He advised students to use this opportunity and engage in active interaction with scientists from the research organization.

Doctor Mita TarafderChief Scientist and Head of the Knowledge Resources and Information Technology Division (KRIT), CSIR-NML spoke about the Professional Education Initiative program and encouraged students to develop an innovative mindset and to come up with excellent research ideas that can respond to the current national situation. problems like waste management and unemployment.

The visit was organized for 18 students from the Metallurgical Engineering Department of Kazi Nazrul University and they were accompanied by two professors. Dr. Projjal Basu, Professor and Head of the Department, shared his experience of association with the university and expressed his interest in more collaborative activities with CSIR-NML in the future.

Dr. KL Hansda, Chief Scientist at CSIR-NML and Coordinator of the two-day visit, and Dr. Sanghita Mridha, Joint Coordinator of KRIT Division of CSIR-NML gave an overview of the entire program to the students. The program ended with a photo session with all participants and organizers.

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