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Free Suicide Prevention Event at the University of Montana

The Overwatch Project, a national suicide prevention training organization, will host an event from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 12 at the University Center Theater at the University of Montana.

KGVO News spoke with Director of Strategic Communications Dave Kuntz about the Overwatch project.

“Next week, the University of Montana is excited to invite the Overwatch Project to campus, which is a national suicide prevention training organization,” Kuntz said. “They’re going to be hosting an event with us on Tuesday, April 12 at 5 p.m. here at the University’s UC Theater campus. This is a unique group that truly applies unique methods and training to help educate the public on how to prevent suicides in the community. »

Kuntz highlighted the veteran organizations helping sponsor the event and their purpose.

“This event is being held in partnership with the United States Military and Veterans Services Offices, as well as the Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation, which I know people are aware of,” he said. “This office really has two missions. The first is to work with the Montana National Guard, the various service branches of the military to recruit veterans and active duty military into the University of Montana so they can exercise those educational benefits they have won.

The title of the presentation is “Just F’ing Ask,” but Kuntz presented the topic more diplomatically.

“The Overwatch Project takes on a unique, gritty tone,” he said. “They describe it as a blunt and direct approach to educating the public about the suicide epidemic, especially among veterans. You know, I can’t share the name of the conference because I don’t want Peter to get in trouble with his regulators, but for those who think this event is going to be a passive PowerPoint presentation, they’re wrong. The whole project is very famous for its interactive events and for really taking this frank and straightforward approach to making sure people are educated.

Kuntz provided details about the event itself.

“The event will take place on April 12and,” he said. “It’s free to the public, it’s at the UC Theater at the University of Montana over there on the east side of our campus. Either people can hop on Overwatch to get tickets in advance which again are free or you can just grab the ticket at the door when you show up.

While the Overwatch Project focuses on the military and veteran community, the training contains information for anyone to prevent a suicide. For more on the Overwatch project, click here to see a short film about their recent work in Montana.

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