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Former vegetable market in Karnal Unsanitary : The Tribune India

Karnal is not only the city of CM but also a smart city. Yet Nagar Nigam, Karnal is not doing its best to improve cleanliness around the city even after dropping from 17th in 2020 to 86th in the Swachhta Sarwekshan 2021 ranking. Heaps of untreated trash and all kinds of rubbish can be seen strewn all over the city. The old vegetable market seems to be the least hygienic and the ugliest. Nigam spends millions of rupees every year on cleaning purposes but he has to pull up his socks and strive even harder to improve the rankings in 2022. —Divya Gera Sharma, Karnal

Pvt gas company fails to repair dug out roads

The municipal and PWD roads dug by a private company IGL to lay gas pipelines in the city of Kaithal have yet to be repaired even after several months, endangering the lives of road users. Neither company officials nor local officials cared about ensuring the safety of local residents. Ditches and large holes in the roads have caused accidents resulting in injuries to many people. The company has put up warning notice boards with mobile phone numbers of company staff, but no complaints are received by company officials and provides relief by blocking the dug-out roads. Residents are demanding that the company order its field staff to fill deep potholes sooner or that the administration take action against the gas company. —Satish Setha, Kaithal

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