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First two students earn Food Science certification in brewing science

Rosa Buescher

From left to right: Jeyam Subbiah, Head of Food Science Department; Loren Davis; Christopher Stuckey; and Renee Threlfall, faculty member, research scientist and director of the brewing science proficiency certificate program.

Growing interest in craft beer in the state and across the country has led to the creation of a certification plan at the U of A, and two students are set to be the first to complete the program.

The certificate of competency in brewing science can be found in the Department of Food Science and integrates courses from Dale Bumpers College of Agriculture, Food and Life Sciencesthe Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering.

The certification plan began in 2020 and two students, Loren Davis and Christopher Stuckey, are completing the 15-hour program this semester.

Renee Threlfall, a food science faculty member and research scientist at the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, the research arm of the U of A System’s agriculture division, is director of the certification scheme. .

“The certification program is designed to provide U of A students with a theoretical and practical introduction to brewing and fermentation,” Threlfall said. “The goal is to engage brewing companies throughout Arkansas and the region to ensure graduates are employable and create internship opportunities for students.”

For Davis, a biomedical engineering major who graduated this spring, earning the certificate is more for recreational purposes, but it could lead to more as she pursues a master’s in business administration starting this fall.

“I want to use my engineering background in the food industry,” she said. “I can go into marketing or sales in the beverage industry.”

Stuckey, a food science graduate from Clarkedale, Arkansas, is graduating this spring and the certificate has opened a door to the industry.

“I was interested in brewing science certification as a possible route into the industry,” he said. “I recently accepted a six-month co-op internship with Anheuser-Busch InBev for its Brewer Trainee Program in Fort Collins, Colorado.”

Davis, who is from Westwood, Kansas, interned at Core Brewing and Distilling in Springdale in the summer of 2021 and has been a restaurant server for seven years, so she has firsthand experience behind the scenes and firsthand. line.

“It was a very complete experience,” she said of the program. “Each teacher is very passionate about their class. Arkansas’ craft brewing community is incredibly welcoming and willing to help where needed.”

For Stuckey, who also interned at Core Brewing, it started with an appreciation for the beer brewing process.

“The introductory brewing science course didn’t just describe the process and we had to understand it, it was a deep dive into the brewing process,” he said. “It worked to include not just the brewing side, but all facets such as the engineering principles needed and included guest speakers from the industry who provided insight into how they have gone about growing their market. I also appreciated how hands-on I was able to be during my brewing, brewing, sanitation and business internship with Core Brewing and Distilling It was an opportunity that I was able to turn into a position part-time throughout the school year following my internship.

For students, the certification plan can be for professional or personal reasons, or both.

“It’s a fun subject and a fun industry,” Davis said. “Don’t get so caught up in science or technicalities that you can’t appreciate what you learn.”

“The courses are very interesting and applicable,” said Stuckey. “There have been several times where I have directly used the material I learned in class in an industrial environment.”

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