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CoCreate Ventures and PES University will invest in 50 start-ups

PESU Venture Labs, a partnership with PES University and CoCreate Ventures, announced today that it will invest in 50 start-ups. CoCreate partnered with PES University in 2021 and created PESU Venture Labs (PVL), a concept stage fund and has invested in over 24 deep tech startups in sectors including weather tech, technology ed and cybersecurity, cryptography and pet welfare. This initiative has proven that interesting and scalable startups can emerge from Indian universities.

With the aim of identifying budding entrepreneurs and innovative startup ideas. CoCreate and PVL have launched programs like “Unicorn Launchpad”, which is a search for campus ideas that could be unicorns. These ideas would be evaluated by VCs and analysts and designed to become a successful startup. Another “Venturethon” program is a month-long event where teams submit their ideas and those ideas would be evaluated by a jury of VCs and analysts. Ideas and entrepreneurs with the potential to create significant impact will receive funding of up to $200,000. They would also benefit from technology, GTM, branding or any other support they needed. Some of the startups that have been incubated over the past year and have achieved some interesting traction in the market include Fond, Assert, Seminar Room & Frizzle.

Suresh Narasimha, co-founder and managing partner of CoCreate, said, “We are fascinated by the kind of ideas and engagement we see from students. The support structure we have created at PESU is enviable. and ambitious for any startup founder and the type of flow of ideas we see in students is invisible on the outside. We believe this will be the future of entrepreneurship and a destination for the brightest students . “

CoCreate is on a mission to empower student entrepreneurs and help turn ideas into reality. The entrepreneur approach has been replicated by CoCreate Ventures at five other universities. The company has managed to create a strong network of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and mentors who can help any startup grow and reach the Series A stage.

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