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An Education Full of Discovery Awaits You at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

As a young girl in India, Simran Gulati relished the reruns of Project Runway and her country’s enduring mark on Western fashion. Inspired, she decided that she would one day pursue an international education that could turn her passion into a career. When the time came, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) made the most sense.

Her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) program in Fashion and Textiles was a perfect fit with her urge to examine the field and find her niche. “I knew the program would allow me to explore all aspects of fashion, from marketing and fashion design to knitwear design, sportswear and intimates, and technology,” she says. “Thanks to this structure, I realized that fashion is more than design. I learned this by exploring all aspects of fashion.

Source: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

These are the ideas that PolyU strives to inspire through its versatile approach. Its admissions based on the departmental regime – applied to all programs (except some specialist programs such as the Bachelor of Science (with distinction) in Nursing) from the academic year 2022/23 – illustrate its vision of “Opening Minds – Shaping the Future”, allowing students to take joint courses in the department of their choice during their first academic year. This means that they will only have to choose a major during their second year. By the time Gulati reached this stage, she was certain that taking the retail and marketing route was the right decision. “I had already learned enough about all areas of fashion to choose a specialty wisely,” she says.

Then there was experiential and industry-expanding information – something PolyU is great at providing. So far, Gulati has rubbed shoulders with the makers of major brands such as Burberry, Farfetch and Louis Vuitton. Combining their insights with the unwavering support she receives from her professors, she has gained the confidence to apply knowledge in all the right ways.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

PolyU helped Simran Gulati shape her post-graduation career as a fashion content designer. Source: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Most recently, Gulati was selected to represent PolyU at the World Retail Congress Future Retail Challenge 2022 in Italy, Rome – a challenge facilitated by industry leaders from Farfetch, Redress and Fenix ​​Group Holding Limited. It will involve collaborating with specialists from Uniqlo on an exciting new business model that leverages digital fashion and NFTs.

Gulati also interned at Lane Crawford as an online content producer. There she worked with various departments in the organization, including the marketing, creative, editorial and online retail teams – anyone involved in the production of marketing campaigns. “I learned the importance of being adaptive and collaborative to make work easier by working with many teams,” she says.

Through a second internship, this time with KLASSE 14 – a Hong Kong-based jewelry brand – Gulati took on more leadership in campaign planning and even got the chance to put her new skills in graphic design to good use. “We created Instagram filters and new TikTok challenges for their new collection,” she explains. “We also thought about strategic marketing campaigns for business goals and product launches.”

These experiences have helped Gulati solidify her place in the dynamic world of fashion. After graduation, she hopes to become a fashion content designer. “I want to build a community where I can educate, inspire and entertain with my content and share my passion for fashion with everyone,” she explains.

All aspirations are welcome to achieve similar discoveries at PolyU – which has recently become more forward-looking than ever. Since our world is technologically changing at a rapid pace, the university has made in-demand digital skills a priority. In fact, these skills are now a General University Requirement (GUR), met through two new additions to the curriculum-based admissions scheme: Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (AIDA) and Innovation and Learning. entrepreneurship (IE).

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Advanced technical skills are now an undergraduate requirement at PolyU. Source: Hong Kong Polytechnic University

All PolyU undergraduate students must earn at least two AIDA course credits and at least one IE course credit during their four-year study period to graduate. Those wishing to further prepare for the new world of work are advised to take AIDA and IE as a major secondary option.

“University education aims to produce future-ready leaders for society. We hope PolyU graduates will not only acquire strong academic knowledge, but also possess the various strengths that are essential for the future development of society,” said PolyU Vice President of Education, Professor Kwok- yin wong.

“Therefore, PolyU is keen to promote a series of strategies to improve the undergraduate curriculum in this regard, which will be fully implemented in the 2022/23 academic year. I believe these initiatives will help students gain vital interdisciplinary knowledge and also empower them with creative thinking to deal with the rapid changes in our world.

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