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AJ Student Prize 2022: University of Cambridge

About the Department of Architecture

Location Cambridge Course BA (Hons) Architecture, MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design (to be replaced by MArch in October 2022), MSt Architect Apprenticeship (Level 7) Principal james campbell Full time tutors 14 Part-time tutors 28 Students 292 Staff/student ratio 1:7

First cycle

James Harrison

Course BA (Hons) Architecture
Brief studio/unit Spare parts (Studio 2)
Project title Archipelago

Project description The Isle of Portland in Dorset has a disjointed topography. Easton, its central settlement, is an example of this, and the quarries to the west of the town are shifting from industry to landscape, fragmenting. The project presents new possibilities. Instead of expanding the town, the proposal seeks to inhabit the landscape with a housing estate with a school and play parks stretching from the main road to the disused Tout Quarry. The school and playgrounds are founded on platforms created by reinterpreting the existing stone retaining walls. On these rest delicate columns supporting a roof whose irregular grid of beams is concealed above a pleated underside.

Guardian Quote At a time when so much architecture is at stake, this project strives to go to the heart of what a building could be, by apprehending architecture as the fabric of a topography: a constellation of dwelling places , open as to uses and with the possibility of evolving over time. Freddie Phillipson


Yousuf Khalil

Course MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design
Brief studio/unit N / A
Project title Urban awnings

Project description This project investigates the intersections between British colonialism, bureaucracy and poverty in railway communities in Pakistan. Inherited colonial bureaucracy and its impact on land and resource management is presented as a persistent factor in sending working-class communities to live in misery. A series of interventions are proposed to counter this in Lahore, with rigorous zoning to enable land rebirth. Britain’s former Mughalpura Workshops locomotive repair center is being reimagined, embracing the informality of everyday life and creating the fabric to connect communities.

Guardian Quote Yousuf’s project features a series of simply constructed steel structures placed on a sprawling former railway site in central Lahore, Pakistan. The program skilfully uses architecture to navigate the politics and bureaucracy of this post-colonial site in a way that unlocks its potential to support local communities. Aram Mouradian

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