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Academic genius for success with new leadership appointments

Professor Stefan Williams

The Faculty of Engineering has also appointed Professor Stefan Williams as the first Director of its Computational Science Initiative.

Professor Williams is a Fellow of the Australian Center for Field Robotics and received his Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering) from the University of Sydney in 2001. He most recently served as Director of the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and mechatronics.

His research focuses on marine robotics, more specifically on the development and deployment of autonomous underwater vehicles whose visual and acoustic sensors can collect data in order to generate high-resolution 3D models of underwater marine environments.

“I am very pleased to take on the role of Director of the Digital Sciences Initiative (DSI),” said Professor Williams.

“The DSI aims to build a strategic and pre-eminent position for the University of Sydney in research, education and external engagement in digital sciences and forms a major part of the Faculty of Engineering strategy.

“We have developed mission-oriented research programs that bring together researchers from across the institution working in the fields of digital agriculture, medical imaging, defense, data-centric engineering, cyber-physical systems, energy, advanced manufacturing and materials.

“We are also reforming our engineering and computer science degrees to integrate digital technology into the heart of all our teaching programs.

“This is an exciting time for digital science, and we look forward to meeting the challenges of fundamental research in the digital realm and working closely with industry and community partners to explore its impact on business processes and society in general.”

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